Posted on February 13, 2020 by Brandon Ruse .

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5 Simple Ways To Ace Your Next Business Intelligence Interview – Part 1

Are you truly prepared to ace your next business intelligence interview? In the age of automation, business information and intelligence, if utilized strategically, has the power to propel a business far above their competitors as well as exponentially boost brand awareness and profitability. This makes business intelligence roles extremely valuable to corporations. 

The BI and analytics industry is expected to soar to a value of $26.50 billion by the end of 2021. Moreover, companies that use BI analytics are five times more likely to make swifter, more informed decisions.  In this 5 part mini-blog series, we will show you 5 simple ways you can ace your next business intelligence interview!

According to Forbes, “dashboards, reporting, end-user self-service, advanced visualization, and data warehousing are the top five most important technologies and initiatives strategic to BI in 2018.” How do your skills line up with these initiatives? Are you ready to succeed in your next business intelligence interview?

5 Simple Ways To Ace Your Next Business Intelligence Interview

1) The First 5 Minutes Matter Most!

It’s important to remember that acing your next business intelligence interview isn’t just about being technically competent or having the best work samples to show off; it’s also about how you portray yourself in the first 5 minutes. Your interviewer is looking to see how you’ll fit into the organization and how well your experience and skill-set can help you solve problems.  

So, during your next business analyst interview remember the following tips:

  • Entry to the room – Ask for permission to enter the room and walk up to the interviewer confidently.
  • Handshake – Ensure you have a firm handshake.
  • Eye contact – Look right into the eyes of the interviewer while speaking as well as listening.
  • Body language – Rest your hands on your thighs, maintain an upright posture and make sure you are not fidgeting.
  • Introductory pitch – While introducing yourself, don’t go on to ramble your complete work history (the interviewer can read that off your resume), instead, concentrate on highlighting your broad and diverse skill-set, accolades, along with the quality of your work experience.

More Quick Tips to Help You Ace the First 5 Minutes of your BI Interview  

  • Assume that your resume has already been read.
  • Be confident but not cocky.
  • Be focused and be clear.
  • Keep your answers on point and don’t tell overly long stories. 

Being prepared in the first 5 minutes is extremely important, but more than this, it’s also knowing what NOT to do. Forbes put together a list of seven job interview mistakes you probably don’t realize you’re making. These mistakes include wanting any job and not the one you’re interviewing for, putting yourself first, and even basic hygiene errors such as looking tired or not dressing for success.  Colaberry’s online data analytics courses will help you to perfect the first 5 minutes of your interview with our revolutionary learning platform, 

Acing your next business intelligence interview isn’t just about connecting with the interviewer and sailing through the first 5 minutes. It’s also about being prepared so that you can build a rapport and present yourself and your ideas in a way that shows you’re ready to assume the responsibilities of the role you’re interviewing for. 

Stay tuned for the next mini-blog in this series. We will be releasing a short blog twice a week to help you ace your next business intelligence interview! 

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