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Discover the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your career in data science with Colaberry’s upcoming course. Unlock your potential and enroll now! Our fully online program will cover the theory and application of data science. You will learn how to ask the right questions, perform large-scale data analysis, and visualize your findings in compelling ways. Our courses combine instructor-led lessons with project-based assignments.

Short, Intensive & Practical Data Science Learning: Industry Skills That Set You Apart!

Phase I: Technical Training

During the first phase of this program, you will focus on improving your knowledge of core programming languages and methods to create more efficient programs and handle more complex data sets.

You will then move on to data modeling, a critical skill for today’s data scientists. The course then does a deep dive into machine learning and focuses on more practical and advanced aspects of mathematics and statistics. All of these skills are integral to being a productive and valuable data scientist.

Data Science 1: Python Essentials and Data Handling

  • Module 1: Python for Data Scientists
  • Module 2: Data Handling 101 for Data Scientists
Data Science 2: Basic Math and Statistics for Machine Learning
  • Module 1: Basic Math & Statistics for Data Science
  • Module 2: Basic Regression Models in Machine Learning
  • Module 3: Basic Classification Models in Machine Learning
  • Module 4: Basic Unsupervised Models in Machine Learning
  • Module 1: Advanced Math & Statistics for Data Science
  • Module 2: Advanced Regression Models in Machine Learning
  • Module 3: Advanced Classification Models in Machine Learning
  • Module 4: Advance Unsupervised Models in Machine Learning

Phase II: Job Readiness Training

  • Three 8-week phases & job-readiness program – short, intensive, and industry-oriented modules
  • Dedicated instructors with real-world experience
  • Fully online program
  • On-the-job support for a year after graduation
  • Job interview practice sessions
  • Each student was assigned an industry-seasoned mentor


Colaberry Data Science Training Is The Answer!

Colaberry School of Data Analytics has been providing groundbreaking, career-oriented training programs in Data Analytics and Data Science since 2012. We run online classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home. More than 4,500 people have changed their lives by participating in our boot camp-style classes!

Revolutionary Online-Learning Platform, Powered by

Colaberry has designed and implemented the platform which uses intelligent, AI-driven approaches to improve your learning experience and ensures that our graduates learn the content that is most practical to today’s growing industries.

Industry-oriented knowledge

With Colaberry, you will gain a unique set of skills that will put you ahead of the pack due to our focus on providing up-to-date knowledge and a curriculum written to fit right into even the most fast-paced job roles, so you can hit the ground running.  

Flexible Curriculum

Colaberry provides short intensives to help you upskill and specialize in the exact skills companies are looking for in those they employ.

We Work With Your Finances

We want to ensure that your financial health isn’t a barrier to your attending classes. We offer flexible programs, payment plans, and counseling to make things easier on our students.

Real World Project & Portfolio Experience

Each of our classes integrates a project based on a real-world scenario, helping you to grasp some of the most critical job skills that employers are hungry for. We work with you to build a digital portfolio that you can present to employers to demonstrate your competencies in a variety of highly in-demand areas of expertise.  

High Job Offer Rate

Our job offer rate is over 80% for our qualified students. That means we focus on developing you in both hard and soft skills, how to interview successfully, and how to perfect your interpersonal skills.

Don’t Miss Out!

Classes are filling up fast. We still have limited space remaining in our upcoming boot camps. Don’t miss your chance to begin an exciting new career path


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