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Become a data scientist. : Self-paced learn-by-doing Data Science in a browser platform. is a self-paced learn-by-doing Data Science in a browser platform, created by our data scientists and data engineers to help you take control of your career. helps you and your team learn-by-doing in a browser a wide range of subjects such as NLP, machine learning, regressions, decision trees, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, clustering, gaussian mixture models, random forests and many more.

Whether its helping to foster and build a data-driven culture, help upskill internal teams, or build talent pipelines through sponsoring classes on our home grown Data Science in a browser platform,, we help your organization learn how to fluently speak and understand data by integrating it into your daily operations.

School of Data Science and analytics – Instructor led trainings bootcamps

Whether its helping you take a leap into data science careers, bridging the skills gap between job seekers and employers or upskilling your teams, Colaberry school of data science and analytics provides intensive boot camp style training programs ranging from 3 days to 3 months with 100% hands on learning approach. We have trained thousands of people in wide range of subject areas such as Data Science, Machine Learning, SQL, BI, Tableau, Qlikview, Python, SCALA  and many more.

For instructor led trainings bootcamps, colaberry provides a gamified learning platform that uses data driven behavioral analytics to keep trainees engaged and learn more effectively. Trainees are challenged to solve problems and rate peers to make progress. This type of peer review allows students to compete, learn and improvise as they progress.

Self-paced learning catalog:

Data Science I with Python

Data Science II with Python

Machine Learning with Python

Python for Data Science

Amazon AWS for Data Scientists

Intro to Big Data and Hadoop

Data Engineering with SCALA

SQL 101

Instructor-led bootcamps catalog:

Business Intelligence with SQL Server

Data Science with Python / Tableau

Machine Learning with Python

Data Analytics with Tableau

Data ​Analytics ​with ​QlikView

Data ​Analytics ​with ​PowerBI

Architecting BI Apps with SQL Server

Data Engineering with SCALA

We created self-paced Data Science learning platform to help you take care control of your career.

Our students are located all over the world.