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School of data science and analytics

School of Data Science and analytics – Instructor led trainings

Whether its helping you take a leap into data science careers, bridging the skills gap between job seekers and employers or upskilling your teams, our school of data science and analytics provides intensive boot camp style training programs ranging from 3 days to 3 months with 100% hands on learning approach. We have trained thousands of people in wide range of subject areas such as Python, SCALA, Data Science, Machine Learning, SQL, BI, Tableau, Qlikview and many more.

Developing ​Big ​Data ​Applications ​with ​Apache ​Hadoop

Building ​Reactive ​Micro-Services ​with ​Akka

Amazon ​Web ​Services

Essentials ​of ​Developing ​Big ​Data ​Applications ​with ​Apache ​Hadoop

Python ​for ​Data ​Analysts

Data ​Analytics ​& ​Visualization ​with ​QlikView

Developing ​Big ​Data ​Applications ​with ​Apache ​Hadoop

Tableau ​Developer/Administrator